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John & Delenn

Fic wip meme

Post a single sentence from each WIP or unfinished fic you have. No context, no explanations. No more than one sentence.

Small FYI: These aren't only Sparky fanfics ;^)

1. “DB on Rivington. We have to go. Carson, Teyla and Ronon are already on the scene.”

2. “This is worse than we imagined.” Carter sighed as she put her binoculars down.

3. “Good looking man like that? I’d be a fool not to give him my number.” Rachel said semi-seriously and it made everyone laugh again, Frank most of all.

4. "Good." He slightly smiled. "You should agree with that because I am a complete idiot."

5. “When I asked you to marry me, I was only thinking about my own happiness. Not about yours.”

6. This amazing woman had literally dropped from the sky into his arms and in the short amount of time she had spend with him and Morgan, she had changed him.

7. John stared at the picture of him and Elizabeth and a very goofy looking Rodney and Carson in the background making stupid bunny ears.

8. He wasn’t really sure what had just happened between them, but he was pretty sure that if Delenn hadn’t turned away from him when she had, he would have kissed her... without hesitation.

9. She was surprised by his candid demeanor, but turned to him and gave him a smile. "Deal."

10. “I’m terrified.” She replied, her voice dripping with sarcasm.

11. She made him believe in the concept of soulmates, not only because he had fallen for her so fast and so easily and he’d never been happier in his life; but also because the thought of spending eternity with her really didn’t sound that bad at all.

12. “When? When was I supposed to tell you? I barely ever see you as it is. You've spend months abroad and you still won’t tell me where you went. I only see you during weekends and even then you’re more busy with your work then give me attention. For all I know, you have a lover stashed away somewhere.”

13. Instead Elizabeth and he were stuck in a little wooden hut on some alien planet while snow was piling up around them.

14. It had been a year since Colonel John Sheppard had resigned his commission.

15. Cameron Mitchell gave her a grin and stepped forward to shake her hand. "Dr. Weir, it's good to see you again."

This list kinda makes me realize I really should finish some of these!
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